Found 30th Jun 2010
i have taken out my hard drive from my broken computer and now want to recover the infomation inside it, how can i do this and what do i need to buy


Is it IDE or SATA?
Do you already own an external drive? (If SATA could maybe swap the drives while you recover the contents)

Drive cassies come in IDE, SATA or both.

just plug into the new pc as a slave drive


it has a 4 pin connection thing il take a pic of it from my phone

That is called a molex connector, it would mean the drive is IDE.

That drive appears to be Sata, the 4 pin appears to be a floppy power connector as an alternative to Sata power. You could buy an IDE/Sata enclosure if you wanted, or just a Sata one. The 4pin plug you took a close-up picture of doesn't need hooking up, it is just an alternative for manufacturers to use if the power supply they are using doesn't have Sata power connectors.

buy a sata caddy…tml

Something like this would be fine, or the one you posted from Amazon.

Basically you want an 'enclosure, 3.5", sata, usb'


how much are they? and could you provide me a link please? thanks being … how much are they? and could you provide me a link please? thanks being fussy because this is the first time im doing it and repped for al your help

How did you manage to do that?

Please tell.

Or were you fibbing?


24 days ago, probably very easily.....

Blimey, how did that come up when I was just trawling through what has happened since earlier on this evening?

Perhaps another one for the bug fix thread.
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