Can anyone tell me where i can get one cheap and good quality ....
    appreciate your feed back.........500gb or 1 tb ....

    thanks .....


    Whats your defintion of cheap?

    New or second hand?

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    dont mind really......
    new preffered upto £80 ??


    Have you actually used the search?

    Original Poster

    yes ...................

    but not much on here thats why im asking u guys ....................

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    any ideas then ??????????????

    iomega prestige around 50 quid at staples instore and online

    External hard drives come in two physical sizes, 2.5" (laptop size disk) or 3.5" (desktop size disk).

    2.5" are powered by USB so dont need a mains connection (good if you are on the move).

    3.5" need a power connection so only good if near a power socket.

    If you want a 3.5" then there are plenty of them available for less than £80.

    You can get a 500Gb for around £45 and a 1Tb for around £65 (give or take).

    2.5" laptop size do tend to be more expensive (and you cant get a 1Tb laptop drive yet - as far as I am aware).

    For £80 you could probably get a 1.5Tb drive.

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    have got a 1tb from comet for £58.00 iomega one

    cheers you lot ......
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