External Hard Drive 80GB +

Anyone know of an external HDD for a PC to back up files which is 80-120GB in size?

Looking to spend as little as possible.



Sorry I don't know if I've understood what your after correctly bud...do you mean the files are 80-120GB in size...or you want a external hdd which is 80 - 120GB in size?

or you want a external hdd which is 80 - 120GB in size?


Ok. In that case there are plenty to choose from on the market... have a look at some of the larger capacity drives (like the 320gb and 500gbs) as they offer better value per gb... also think about how portable you want the drive to be some drives require their own power source and others draw power from usb port. Most external hdds are formatted in fat32 or NTFS. But you should be able to reformat according to your needs. basically fat drives can only support files up to 4gb in size.... ntfs can support files greater in size and is considered a more secure format...but playstations cant read ntfs formats and macs have trouble writing to ntfs formats.

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Cheers for the replies.

Not totally sure what we need but was asked by my parents to have a look as they want to back up their photos & some docs & were going to put them all on CD!

My sister got 2 laptops nicked & lots everything which is why they want to back it up.

It doesnt matter rewally about poratble etc, it would only be sat in the office when not in use, so long as it holds 80GB or more of photos etc.


just buy a caddy and you can put any size in to use as external hdd
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