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I'm thick on the topic of hard drives so basically, my friend wants to transfer all her pictures (and a few other basic things, music etc) from her computer to an external hard drive. Now, she has rather a lot of pictures and wants to do this so she can reformat her extremely slow computer without losing them.

One that's relatively easy to use would be nice and it doesn't necessarily have to be massive in terms of gb's.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!


She needs a USB 2.0 external drive - as long as her computer has a free USB port, preferably USB 2.0.

Something like this would do :- ]http//ww…775

You can get smaller capacity drives, but they generally are 2.5" drives with a slower rotational speed (5400rpm or less), and hence slower. The 3.5" drives are bigger, faster, and cheaper.


I would suggest the WD 120GB drive, can carry it in your pocket too.

If bulk doesn't matter then there are plenty of cheap 3.5" drives like the first one mentioned.

As spud said

If you need easy portability without having to carry a power supply, get a pocket sized usb 2.5" 120gb £50ish or a 160gb for £75ish

If you need capacity and don't mind book sized case with seperate bulky power supply, plenty of 320gb/400gb/500gb examples for £50-£80+
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