External hard drive

Looking to buy an external hard drive, ideally want to buy offline this afternoon.

prefereably 320gb+

seen this one at maplin : hotukdeals.com/for…nalhotukdeals.com/for…nal
(edit : none of these in stock near me anyway!)

any other suggestions?

Obviously the cheaper the better

Thanks all

(rep for all that help of course!)


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...or any ideas on shops i can look in...?

just a suggestion but check out pcworld (website first) you can normally get the prices cheaper than they are instore,, then do a reserve and collect in store and pay the web price not the store price.

just looked at the drive, why dont you just order it on-line from maplin ?

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ideally wanted it this afternoon, don't work fri afternoons, was planning tosort out my desktop pc. May end up leaving it till next week though.

--Just called Maplin and they do have some in stock even thought the online stock checker says none.
So might go for this one if no other suggestions....


[SIZE=2]Looking to buy an external hard drive, ideally want to buy … [SIZE=2]Looking to buy an external hard drive, ideally want to buy offline this afternoon.[/SIZE][SIZE=2]prefereably 320gb+ [/SIZE][SIZE=2]seen this one at maplin : ]http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81406&highlight=external[/SIZE][SIZE=2](edit : none of these in stock near me anyway!)[/SIZE][SIZE=2]any other suggestions?[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Obviously the cheaper the better[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Thanks all[/SIZE][SIZE=2](rep for all that help of course!)[/SIZE]

This one is highly recommended...I have one permanently linked to my PC and it turns on and off with the PC..be careful as some models have no on/off switch and you have to physically disconnect the mains to turn off.

if no usb 2,do i need to buy a hub?
anywhere i can get 1 from cheap?!
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