External Hard Drive advice please, anyone?

    Mornin everyone!

    I'm having MAJOR pc probs ere, but I won't bore you with them .Suffice to say I wish I'd never been talked into Windows Live One instead of Kapersky by the boy at PC World. Grrrrr.

    Anyway!!! I have been advised in the past that I should get an external usb hard drive as I had loads of photos and short clips of my two little terrors on my cronky pc. Plus OH is self employed now, and there's lots of work related stuff on here, I'd probably go bald with stress if I had to type it all again.

    I have no idea what I should be looking for. My new Windows Live One thing says I should back up my discs to an external hard drive min. 5 gigabites if that means anything? I'm worried about going into a technical shop and being fooled again by the youngsters, lol! We can't afford to pay much as we're brassic since OH's new business is so very new. :-(

    All advice would be welcomed. I am very emotional this morning because of computers causing problems and so please don't have a pop at me being persuaded to buy something rubbish at PC World. :oops:



    It depends how much you're willing to spend, because the more cash you have, the bigger the harddrive can get. I think 5GB is too small, you can get USB sticks with 5GB on for around £30, and they're not half as secure as a harddrive.

    This one is £60 and holds 400GB, I doubt anyone could fill it easily, and it looks to be good quality: LINK

    I'm currently looking for an external hard drive too.


    This one is £60 and holds 400GB, I doubt anyone could fill it easily, and … This one is £60 and holds 400GB, I doubt anyone could fill it easily, and it looks to be good quality: LINK

    Add £3 and you can have 100GB more, this:…027
    Which I'm currently thinking about.

    Good find :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that! Not sure if this is a daft question...but I might at some point soon have to transfer everything on here to an external hard drive to clean my pc down and start from scratch, for a number of reasons, including a possible trojan which McAfee alerted me to but not sure if it did anything about it as my subscription had expired...would a virus transfer across with the documents and programmes I was transferring does anyone know, please?:oops:

    ps rep given!

    Yep what you said is fine because External Hard Drive are meant to be a back up drive.

    But An hour ago this was posted:…609
    And I found the deal awesome, that's why I've ordered that one.

    Original Poster

    Fab find! I'm not very technical but it seems cheap. I just hope it's honoured by Dell :thumbsup:

    Thanks! Rep given!


    Original Poster

    Oops, I guess that one bit the dust....

    Is the LaCie one the best still does anyone know please? :?


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