External Hard drive any size above 200gb, must be powered by USB and not need an AC ADAPTOR

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Found 15th Jun 2008
hi, i got a 160GB Freecom, which has stopped working, i sent a message as its under guarantee to them and they havent replied after about 5 months so i think i will never buy a freecom again.
Anyway does anyone know a good deal must be £50 maximum, thanks !!



i would recommend this:


Its the best harddrive i have ever owned. quick transfer, ultra portable, 3 years warranty and a brilliant manufacturer!!

I know it's £15 more than you want to spend but i think its worth every single penny!


or there is this one:


160gb but from western digital as well and for £47 delivered!!


yep, usb power, i own the 320gb and the 250gb!!!

no problems what so ever and i have owned them for about 3-4 months!!!

best portable harddrive i have owned! its tiny!

Try to get the old drive replaced by the people from whom you bought it.

Remember: Any manufacturer's guarantee is in ADDITION to your rights under law.

As far as the law goes, your contract is with your supplier, not Freecom and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (aas amended) says that anything you buy should be:

[*]As described
[*]Fit for purpose
[*]Reasonably durable

If it isn't, you have a right to a repair or replacement.

The right to having something done, can last up to six years, but as time goes by, you're more likely to be able to insist on pnly a repair, I guiess.

Whatever, a drive should have lasted a longer than a few months and legally it's DOWN TO YOUR SUPPLIER, not the maker.

If your supplier doesn't co-operate, involve the Citizens Advice Bureau, local Trading Standards and maybe Which? Legal helpline (About a tenner for 3 months)
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