external hard drive failure?

    I purchased a 1.5 terrabyte external wd element hard drive 3 weeks ago
    the pc wont recognize it anymore, i have tried it on 3 pcs, used another usb lead, and now got a new ac adapter.
    The power light comes on but flashes continuously and no pc will read it
    I tried wd disk management but it wont pick it up

    Has anyone experinced this does it sound like its failed, i know its under warrenty but i would rather retreive all the files on there if i can, just want to make sure its not something easy to fix before i send it back

    also do amazon refund or pass you on to wd, had no experience with returns on a hard drive


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    ill have a look at that thread mate thanks,

    The actual plug that came with it no longer powers it , the new one i brought powers the drive but i dont hear no usb noise when you normally connect the power light just keeps flashing

    It begins to spin for 3 secs then stops and repeats not sure if thats because usb not connecting or if its knackered

    I like to know of someone who has removed the casing with the same issue with success if possible to save voiding warrenty

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    ME! i removed casing - but it was out of warranty anyway. replaced casing, and voila. mine worked. hopefully someone else'll pop along to help on here


    tbh i think someone has to be crazy to trust personal files to a single drive that big



    Not really, could say the same about any drive.

    i have 4 or 5 smaller drives that i use
    so unlikely to lose 100% of my saved files in one go and with a drive that big it could be years of work


    where did the second 1.5tb drive come from i said crazy to only have a single drive

    couldn't agree more that 2 drives is the answer and its not as if it costs alot nowadays


    most people could cope with losing 20% of their files
    I,E, family photos/videos spread over 5 drives, bin one and you still have 80% of seeing your family grown up, easy to live with as most people have to many anyway
    family photos/videos on 1 drive, lose drive and your gutted, life time of memories gone never to be seen again

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    to be honest i formatted my pc and backed everthing up on that drive only had it a couple of weeks so didnt expect it to break that quick, still not sure if i should take the casing off, i suppose its only 70 quid for a chance to get all my stuff back
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