External Hard Drive (network)

    I am looking for a Hard Drive i can connect to my network.
    A Drive that i can just connect to my router and use.
    Is this possible



    Yes it is. The cheapest way is to buy the bits separately. Aria do a nice Network Attached Storage hard disk enclosure for IDE drives ]HERE for £35ish. Savastore do a 400GB Samsung drive for £90ish ]HERE.

    Or if you're looking for different capacity you can stick any IDE drive you like in there.

    Incidentally I use this exact setup at home and it works like a charm. You can also set up private shares if you want to.

    Original Poster

    how would i connect an internal drive to my network
    Sorry to sound naive
    i thought i can only do this with an external

    You put the interal drive into the external box...

    The end result is you get a lot more Networked storage than you would if you bought a ready built drive. My version costs about £120 for 400GB. The one from Amazon above is £130 for only 300GB.

    Yep. You buy the enclosure from Aria. This is basically just a box that you can put your own hard drive into. The box provides the drive with power and it has a built-in network connection, and a USB2 port.

    It only takes about 30 seconds to put it all together. All you have to do is plug the two cables into the drive, out it in the box and screw it together. You even get all the screws you need and a screwdriver in the box!
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