External Hard Drive PLZ!!!

    Hi all,

    I am out to buy an External Hard Drive.

    I like the Western Digital "My Books". I would like a 320GB, but a 500GB would be great if the price is not a lot more!

    I don't feel I need the premium, as the only difference is the extra Firewire option, correct? If the disc cache is bigger, then I may consider premium one!

    Does anyone see the prices of these drives falling dramatically in the next few weeks at all!? :?

    Or can anyone find me a misprice, like that Buffalo

    Rep will be left accordingly :thumbsup:



    Original Poster

    Ooooh - what do you all think of that IOMEGA 320GB one in Comet? It seems a pretty good price, but spec wise, how do these drives compare? I don't like the looks as much, but that is not really important - ultimately, the drive performance is the most important!

    PS. What make drive is in the IOMEGA one?!

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    Never Mind, gone for the Comet one.
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