External Hard Drive - Which One? 500gig


    Looking to buy a 500 GIG hard drive, question is with so many within the same price range, which one is best? Im looking around the £65 mark.

    I love the look of this one…252

    But what advantages does this have to this one…nal


    They all are in a similar price range.

    I don't understand what the specs mean when it comes to external hard drives, which one would you go for?



    A bit pricey, buy hey look at how shiney it is!…344
    Available in Silver too

    Original Poster

    That is shiny, and yup, over my budget!

    Anyone have any thoughts on my post above?


    Both of them are pretty much the same.
    there is only 1ms different in the seek time and they all have 8Mb cache, and only .1kg difference in weight.
    Going via USB they are going to give the same transfer rate.
    Personally I would go for the cheapest deal.

    I have had a Lacie (250GB model) for 2 years now with no problems.

    The thing I like about it is it has a on/off switch at the back, I don't know if the others do but it is a handy feature.
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