External HD Wanted, not sure what to choose, advice please...

    I'm looking for an external HD to store backups of my movie collection to connect to a PC and PS3.

    Each converted video is around 2GB and Ive got alot of films as well as TV Shows etc etc.

    Ive been looking at 500GB drives and 1TB drives but whats putting me off is reliability, how reliable are 1TB drives (I suspect the answer is the same as how long is a piece of string) compared to 500GB ones?

    Would it be safer from a data loss point of view to have 2 x 500GB drives as I really would hate to have 1TB full of movies wiped in one go if it gave up the ghost.

    Advice please, budget upto about £110

    Any advice will be appreciated.


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    cheers. repped

    If it's an external hard drive your after , have you thought about a media player ? I bought 2 from maplins a couple of years ago . Just fit your own hard drive in [upto 500g] , you can of course buy them with drives in . Load your mp3's , videos , [divx ,vobs,avis ] and plug the unit into any TV/Plasma/Monitor/Projector . Comes with power adapter ,remote control and all the required leads .Great ,they are , you never need write to another disk .

    my drives below : the two silver onea are the media players , they'll play photos [jpgs] vids and mp3 on to any device .

    They should be about the same reliability assuming both enclosure and drive are good quality. If you're concerned about reliability then buying the enclosure seperately and putting in a highly reliable drive like a Western Digital RE2 might be an option but could be tricky with your limited budget.

    Yeah ,I think mine are WD drives ,but there only 80gig each [ATA] . Will have to upgrade before long . There great devices though , Just pull your movies of the net or rip your fave DVD's and stick them onto the players , then plug it into a plasma etc . No encoding to disk or time wasting . Much better than an ordinary external drive .
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