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    My 300GB hard-drive is now 80% full, and my PC certainly seems to be running a lot slower! I'd like to save a load of space and movie all my media onto an external drive I can still play it from.

    Needing about 250GB, not sure really wanting to spend too much money... and no idea what difference there is between specs, and USB and non USB powered ones.

    Help please!


    Have you ever used 'Disk defragmenter'. Full HDD shouldn’t slow the system down.

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    It shouldnt? I'll try defragmenting now, thanks.

    What are the drawbacks to having a full HDD then?

    A full HD will cause problems, but full is when there's less than a few hundred megabytes left. 60GB free is a long way from full.

    The only drawbacks of having 240GB out of 300GB filled are:

    a) You won't be able to add anything to the hard drive over 60GB

    b) Some of the files on the hard drive will transfer 10-20% more slowly.

    the second effect is because the hard drive is a rotating disk and bits of data on the other edge of the disk are moving faster and thus passing under the reader faster than bits of data closer to the middle of the disk - a nearly empty hard drive will have all the data written around the outside.

    I'm not sure how much difference in responsiveness this causes but I would suspect it's fairly minor (and should remain constant for the OS and each program and they pretty much stay in their initial place on the disk unless reinstalled).

    I would look for other causes of your slow down, if you temporarily disable all the background programs (using msconfig for example), does this improve the system? Have you run a full virus scan or tried one of the online virus scanners (like kaspersky's)?
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