External HDD for Xbox360


    I'm thinking about buying a portable 2.5" HDD for my Xbox360 as I have a few (and will be getting more) HD Films - would any be suitable for this or would it have to be a higher spec model with a faster rpm etc



    The faster the better but I have a few external HDDs from different makes
    and they all do the job fine.
    (I recommend western digital my book, those are great HDDs, never had a problem)

    Then you need to get macdrive to format them to mac format (so the 360 recognizes it and you can play files bigger than 4Gb which is important if you wanna use it for HD films )

    I use a WD passport!
    Excellent =D

    Im a bit behind on my 360 knowledge havent used it for ages, can it accept external drives for playback of hd content? is it still wmvhd or is there support for more file types nowadays?

    It will play h.264 HD in an MP4 format container, same as a PS3..

    Yeah...WMV, Avi, divx, xvid,mp4 etc.
    I had a link to a site with a list but can´t find it at the moment...

    The 360 is great when it comes to compatibility with the different formats.
    There are very few of the files we have that the 360 won´t play.
    Tried all of em on our ps3 too and many won´t work.

    So we talking normal usb external drive, formatted to ntfs?


    So we talking normal usb external drive, formatted to ntfs?

    No, anything but NTFS.
    And a few others.

    Format it with macdrive like I said earlier.
    No file size restrictions that way
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