Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 18 h, 52 m ago)
Hi everyone

Ive noticed the rear bedroom in my house, due to the very cold weather is getting more colder internally. Its a exposed annexe attached to the rest of the house but detached from any neighbours property. so essential the external is exposed on all 3 sides without a sharing a neighbouring wall.

I'd like to know from anyone who has done similar or in the building trade of best solutions to insulate/clad from the outside. Internally not a option as all decorated so a option im looking at is to insulate and clad from the outside.

Its not a particularly large area but its causing enough annoyance and discomfort for me to do something about it.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.
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    Probably the first thing I would do is try and get ahold of a thermal imaging camera.

    Put the heating on and you’ll see clearly where the cold is getting in. There’s not much use going to the effort and expense of insulating the external walls if you’ve got hairline gaps around windows or loft insulation missing.
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    Has the Annex got cavities?? perhaps look at that. Also, is it a flat roof or pitched in anyway - can you see what insulation is up there??
    Skillbuilder on YouTube had a video the other week about installing external insulation. Might be worth a watch
    There must be a cavity surely?
    If so injecting the cavity from outside is the obvious way to go rather than adding another layer externally.
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    One big problem with fitting external insulation to an existing building is whether there is any space under the eaves. If not, then any insulation will protrude from under the roof, require additional work and can end up looking awful.
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    Fairly easy to do. not too expensive if you diy. very effective.

    you need to think about detailing - how are you going to install around windows/gutters and other stuff. Any flues/gas pipes?
    As wibbleboy says you may need to think about how to handle boundaries with rooflines.
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    can cause mould issues.
    Yeah the more and more folks insulate and stuff the more moisture gets trapped inside. So then you need to open windows or use a dehumidifier etc.
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    One big problem is planning application and or if the building is in a conserwation area?
    My understanding is, any external changes to the fabric needs to be approwed by the local authority, I could be wong.
    Adding to the matter, the footprint of the cladding, vill it be vithin your plot or on the public road/paving?
    Also, vill you keep the same external texture/color or go rainbow varrior/I don't care?
    Also, vhat is the insulation thickness you vill be adding on the outside?
    ............. (edited)
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