External SATA hard drive caddy / enclosure

Found 5th Mar 2007
My PC seemingly refuses to boot from its internal PATA drive and use the SATA as a slave, so I'm looking for a USB external drive enclosure to force it to see it the way I want!
There dont seem to be that many about and those that are around are expensive - cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB…tem -comes out at about £25. Anyone know of a more 'reasonable' price.
I'm in Lincolnshire, if theres any 'go fetch' deals about :thumbsup:
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You could try ;

( when they are back in stock, and SVP do a cheap postage deal )




I've never heard of the above company, but they seem to have good prices, not sure of P/P though?, let me know if you get any cheaper as I'm also on the lookout for the same

Icy Box does a solid range.


I ordered this one recently which works with both SATA and IDE in silver


Had it for over a week and it's been perfect, very simple to use. My only slight grudge with it is the SATA to SATA cable they supply has rather big connectors and it requires a bit of care and force to close the drive when using this cable. You can pick up another cable for around £5 though if needed, I don't think I will as there's a knack to doing it which comes with time ^^
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