External Solid Wall Insulation Deals

Found 25th Feb
We live in an older property which has solid walls so we are unable to get the cavity insulation. Been looking around for Government / Local Council deals on external solid wall insulation but not having much luck.
Wondering if anyone knows of any current deals or have received a leaflet through the post with details?
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I think we're too late to the party with the Government subsidised stuff, it's full price only
For what it's worth I live in a solid wall detached bungalow which as you know is absolutely freezing, but I was luck enough to get some of the free Radflek sheets in the recent giveaway and they make a phenomenal difference to the room temperature. May be worth a go as an interim measure.

From all my research, solid wall insulation will never realistically pay for itself, and should only be done as a comfort thing.
Thanks moneybag - I hoped there would have been some deals left.

We only purchased the house last year but definitely notice how cold the walls get.

I'm now looking at thermal wall liner to apply to the walls which would hopefully keep the heat in.
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