External speakers for LED TV?

    Hi, basically i have purchased a LED TV recently and the audio is really bad. I'm guessing other people here have bought external speakers for their tv, but as mine is wall-mounted i am looking for ones that can be wall-mounted and don't bulge out to much. Also no subwoofer, just 2 speakers that can be wall-mounted on the sides of the tv.

    So has anyone got any recommendations, not looking to spend more than £100, but £50 would be ideal.



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    another bump

    From what source are you intending to output to the speakers?

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    from the tv, so everything that is connected to my tv will be playing through those speakers. I was thinking of the t40 II

    must be someone out there who has this setup.

    probably need to pay a visit to richersounds as well

    I'd say buy a wall mountable soundbar.

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    surprisingly i haven't been able to fins any recommendations for the setup i want, but most people who want a 2.0 setup are recommended the t20's or t40's. But that is what people are recommending for a pc setup, no mention of it being for a tv.
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