External USB HDD for XBOX ONE S

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Collecting my xbox one s tomorrow - just wondering what 2TB hard-drives people would recommend for additional storage - ideally ones which didnt need a additional powersource where possible

Thanks All


Any usb 3.0 usb hdd will do you mate, i have a samsung 1tb external works great


Anything from a decent brand will work (seagate, wd, toshiba, samsung)

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Thanks both

I use the WD My Passport. No power required. My brother got a Toshiba one from Tesco for about £40 but just the 1TB. It has lasted him well with the 500gb on the Xbox too. I'm sure Tesco have codes kicking around for money off. Big names don't really matter. Not storing important files and everything can be downloaded from the cloud again. No point wasting money on a fancy HD with extra security etc etc as it gets formatted for Xbox.

You need a 'portable' hard drive if you dont want to power it separately. I too use a WD passport, can't fault it


https://www.amazon.co.uk/WD-White-Passport-Portable-External/dp/B00Y0R9DPW/Anything from a decent brand will work (seagate, wd, toshiba, samsung)

​Seagate aren't decent. Not anymore, high fail rates for years now. Anything seagate I bought last less than 18 months. Replace with Wd...still going 6 years later.

WD/Toshiba not bad, Samsung too. Hitachi upped their game business range.

Got 2 x 2TB Toshiba Cavios for bro and I about 18 months ago, seems alright
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