External Vs Internal Hard drive, please help.

    Please I need to get an hard drive asap and am not yet decided on which one to go for.

    I currently have a 160gb internal in my desktop and I have a 250 network drive hooked up to my wireless router to play media files over the network without having to put my desktop on. Both of them have filled up and i keep deleting just to make it adequate.

    Kindly advise me on which one to go for as I am currently undecided whichh to go for.

    I am looking to get either a 400 or 500 gb. internal or external.


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    someone please help me to decide.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    would you prefer the drive to be inside your computer? or outside your computer in a box you can unplug and move easily?

    That's the only real difference, other than the fact you will pay extra for the enclosure.
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