Extra Long life HP Printer Cartridges Tip

Found 3rd Jan 2009
Last year, some time in the summer I managade to nab an HP C5180 All-in-one printer for my parents using the Tesco deal that was posted here. I already have one and the photo quality is very VERY good. The only drawback I could find was the thing just seemed to eat ink.

So in the interests of science I decided to use my parents as a test type lab animal.

The Propsal: All that whirring and grinding that the printer does when it boots up and shuts down is actually (somehow) wasting ink. Don't ask me where it goes, I don't know.

To this end I gave my parents (a lovely couple in their mid 50's) the simple instruction of not turning the printer off.

The end result was that my mum (does most of the printing) has now used 150 sheets of photo paper and 2 A4 photosheets. She has done this using the cartridges that came with the printer (you know the ones that are half full). She only had to replace 1 cartridge (yellow) so far.

Basically, I'm saying that by not turning of your HP printer you save ALOT of ink.

Does this seem accurate? Or am I missing something
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seems accurate, my old epson R300 was the same, its because each time its booted up it runs a cleaning cycle on the heads whereby it pushes fresh ink through.
Yep most epsons and some HP's do a head clean each time they are turned on , this uses approx 3-5% of ink EACH time . This is supposed to stop the print heads drying up .
As you have found out - keep them switched on lol .
Yeah but what about wasted electricity?

Yeah but what about wasted electricity?

also make sure you print on fast draft for things like word docs.
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