Extra long sleeve work shirts

    I am 6 foot 5 (1 metre 96) and have trouble buying shirts in England that fit me, espescially the arm length seems to be a lot of trouble. I normally go to Holland to buy them as they stock extra long sleeve shirts... does anyone know of a good place for me to get there here (online or in London()???


    Try ] - they do 38inch sleeves - Im a 17.5inch neck, 6ft4 & dont have a problem there.

    Good luck

    There is also a code in teh voucher section for free delivery (goodh) & I think you can also quote CORP77 for a big discount?

    Thanks NPA!
    I have the same problem for my other half......

    his knuckles drag on the floor when he walks as his arms are so long - this means I can stop buying short sleeved ones, cheers:thumbsup:
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