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Found 23rd Feb 2018
Ive a 7 year old pc. AMD Athlon II x3, 4 gb Ram, 64bit Windows 10.

If i add a further 4 gb of ram, will this make much of a difference? My pc is a bit slow sometimes.
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Stick a ssd drive in and load windows back on. Probably got bad sectors on drive which is slowing it up
The SSD will give you a boost but you will find that the CPU will bottleneck at boot due to apps like ICloud loading and syncing. You can offset this by setting them to load later after you enter Windows.
As above I'd say get an SSD. You'd see a performance increase.
I went from 30 second boots on my laptop to around 6-9 now after an SSD switch.

You would want something like 128gb minimum, unless you dual drive and have SSD as the boot drive only. But loading everything of the old drive would cause the same slow issues.
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That depends on when it's slow.

If it slows down substantially once you open a lot, and speed up again once you close some of the stuff then it's a good bet it's insufficient memory.

An SSD will help a little with lack of memory as the hard drive is used as the backup, but adding more ram is more effective if that's the problem.
Yes a little bit if you put an ssd in it also.
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