Extracting Files from an old XBox DVD

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Found 8th Dec 2010
Hi Guys,

Looking for some help an advice, before anyone asks I’ve done a Google search! lol.

I have an original XBOX copy of a MAME DVD that I used to play. I no longer have the XBOX but am looking to use the ROM's that are stored on the DVD and play them on my PC. The problem is that when I put the DVD in my PC looking to extract the ROM files the DVD appears blank as if there is nothing on it??? However the files are definitely there.

Does anyone know how I can read this DVD and extract the ROM’s???

Thank you Advance


Use nero or something similar to make an image of the disc.
Then use an xbox iso image tool to extract whatever you want from it.

Original Poster

Hi Babbabooey,

Thaks for the quick reply! I understand using 'imgburn' to make an iso image of the disk, Could you elabourate on the second part for me?

"Then use an xbox iso image tool to extract whatever you want from it."

Sorry Im being a bit dense! Thanks once again for your advice

Open the iso using this

Original Poster

Wow! That was quick, thanks once again, Cant try it now as I am at work but will give it ago tonight!

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