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Found 4th Sep 2010

Hope everyone's having a wikked weekend!

I need some extractor fan advice. The one in my bathroom packed in (funny noise and stopped working).

About to go in the loft and have a look, see what's going on.

1) Can I replace the current fan with any extractor unit purchased online?

2) Is there like a "quiet" extractor fan unit, like we have for pc's ? The one that died made quite a bit of noise

3) By standard do they all stay on for 3 mins after you switch it off?
Our one was connected to the light switch. Switch light off, fan switches off after approx 3 mins.

Heading in my loft now to see what I can scope out.. any advice would be great! TY in advance!!


The fan you had - had a timer on it, you can get them with or without timers and adjust the time they take to turn off etc. You can also get humidistat ones that switch off after the air is clear of excess moisture.

You can get quieter fans, look in the specifications and see what dB rating they have, the lower the better.

As long as your wiring is ok, there should be no problem fitting a new one with the existing wiring.

You will need to measure the fan you have - the usual size is 100mm.

my extractor fan turns on ( quite loud ) everytime i pull on the light switch,

but yes i agree with moob make sure to check the db ratings

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Guys, cheers for the advice!

Totally forgot about db ratings!!
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