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    Supposedly it's quite criminal i havent seen Extras by ricky gervais so i was wondering on the cheapest price for the boxset of series one and tow, also while im on the gervais train how about The Office Boxset aswell??


    its on tv now

    Im a big gervais fan,Saw him live on Thursday
    i got extras series 2 off for 10 quid, reduced from 17
    not sure how much the box set is,i didn't look as i already owe series 1 seperatly
    But anyway best look on

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    yeah i saw it was on tv which made me ask the question, and my mates saw gervais on wednesday but could only get 3 tickets so i didnt go but i heard he was hilarious

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    its 17.99 for the boxset on play but 21.99 for just series 2 which made me laugh, anybody beat this boxset price? wat about the office boxset anyone?

    10p cheaper for the Extras Series 1 & 2 Boxset here:…253

    The Office: Complete Box Set (Series 1 - 2 plus Christmas Specials): £17.97 delivered here:…-21

    Or if you're not botherd about box sets...

    The Office (Series 1) is £7.95 delivered here:…Y=8

    The Office (Series 2) is £7.97 delivered here:…DVD

    Hope that helps!:thumbsup:
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