extreme 360 banned?.... nope i still can use live

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Found 11th Jul 2007
i dnt know if everyone knows this but i have but if your backups has a patch it works fine on xbox live

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no thats not true, even if you have the corect sss, pfi,ect but your drive doesnt have media stelth then you will get banned.

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well it doesnt look that way how long does it take to get banned ?

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the backups are completly invisble

if the firmware on your drive doesnt have media stealth you will get banned. thats what the new ixtreme is for as it has media stealth.

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ok well i havnt got that so i spose il get banned or will i dnt no, should i upgarde my firmare thn

yes if your still not banned then your very lucky, upgrade the firmware but that doesnt mean that you wont get banned as they probally have you flagged. dont use live till you update your firmware.

It seems to be a bit of a lottery. Best thing is to update to ixtreme, especially since it is now available for both hitachi and sammy drives

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ohhh ok its a shame i dont no how lol


ohhh ok its a shame i dont no how lol

He tells us afterwards :roll: lol

what drive you got samsung or hitachi?
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