Extremepie.com Extremely useless. Cancelled my order coz it wasnt worth it for them to send.

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Found 5th Jan 2011
hi alls
anyone get orders cancelled from extremepie?

i bought a wallet with one of those vouchers flying around at christmas time.. ended up costing me 0.45p inc delivery... they cancelled it and didnt bother telling me.. i had to find out my self after wondering where it was.. then i found it in my extremepie account that the order was cancelled... no reason given by them

awful attitude and customer service by them.. they could at least have sent an email saying they cancelled the order or better still explained why!!!

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I think that explains in in the title. They could have just run out of stock but i doubt it. Oh dear I think it has now cost them more then a bit of postage!

lazy. At least Argos telephoned me today to cancel the order
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