Found 30th Jan 2008
Not sure If I can post ebay links in here so apologies if not but does this seem dodgy to anyone else?


loads of 1p feedback built up over two weeks and then bungs a load of burnout's on there, BT, chq and PO only?

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The link will be removed.
It sounds very dodgy.......

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Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well... I meant that the seller had 80+ feedback at 100% but it seems to be all from 1p buys and the like...

He doesn't offer paypal either, therefore you won't be able to get your money back if it was a scam!

It could be innocent, someone buying a bunch of feedback to try make themselves look better before selling a load of stock they some how had, however for most it will have the opposite effect and make people suspicious. I'd steer clear personally.

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I sent the seller a message earlier asking if they took paypal but there's been no response, it's strange that not one of the game buyers has left any feedback yet?

Dodgy as ****. All the items are in private auction format so buyers can't get together to take action.

He's made a tidy £4,700 out of it too...…y=9

He only has 3 feedbacks as a seller and although posative 2 of the sales didnt complete.
He has bought all the other feedback so it is a total scam stay clear if i was you

Re: eBay Item #120216830199

Why is the item filed in the "Consumer Electronics > Other Consumer Electronics" category?

Why is the front box image a library photo, & why are the four in-game images taken from I am always dubious of those sellers who cannot be bothered to take photos of the actual item for sale.

This statement doesn't make sense if offering as a "Buy It Now" auction:

"Delivery via Royal Mail takes 1-2 days so should arrive just after weekend. Payment via bank transfer/bankers draft...."

Royal Mail quotes 1-3 days anyway.

However, the seller joined eBay in late October 2007, so you would imagine that if they had not supplied any items before now then eBay would have taken action.

I would definitely write to ask if the item is going to be a UK/PAL edition (check the content age rating on the front cover; in this case 3+ [url][/url]).

If the game does not quote the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) ratings system, but the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) instead, then the item is am imported title.

The equivalent for the PEGI 3+ rating is the ESRB's "EC — Early Childhood" symbol.

I would certainly suggest the seller to provides an image of the item they intended to send you, together with a piece of paper with your eBay user name on it.

I would be tempted myself if the seller offered PayPal as a payment method.



EDIT: The North American ESRB rating for this title (courtesy of the image at ] is "E" (Everyone). This relates to "content that is considered unsuitable for children under 6 years of age. Titles in this category may contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language."

So we Brits have 4 & 5 year olds that can cope with that content it seems!
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