Eye test for contact lenses?

    :thinking: hi there, i would like to switch to wearing contact lenses and was wondering how do i go about it. Will i be issued with the lenses prescription when i go for a regular eye test? planning to use the D&A voucher for the eye test too.


    Phone you're optician and book an appontment. They'll do a short eye test then try putting lenses in you;re eyes to make sure they are OK. They then get you to book another appointment for a 'consultation'. Basically on the second trip they teach you about the lenes, how to handle them etc and make sure you can put them in/out on you're own. If all goes well you get a couple of weeks worth of trial lenses and book another appointment for 2 weeks later.
    After the 2 weeks they basically just ask you how you are getting on and check you're eyes to make sure you arent damaging them

    Might be a bit different at D&A but thats how Specsavers do things. Not bad value for money either, £10 a month for lenses, case, cleaning solution and any appointments i need. If i loose/break a pair of lenses then i can just go into the branch and get new ones free of charge

    [SIZE=2]Whatever happens, they have to provide you with your prescription. They might not be willing to do this until after the contact lense follow up appt. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Asda also doing free eye tests this month (you need to get the voucher out of their free magazine).[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Once you are happy with your lenses, there are many online shops doing good discounts and Quidco. [/SIZE]

    Knew this was familiar. Info here

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