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    Hi all,

    I know there are a few free eye tests posted here on HUKD, however, some of them require that you buy then the glasses and you do not get the prescribtion. I do not wanna buy glasses immediatelly, I would just be interested to get a prescibtion for now.

    So what is the best way and most convenient way to do that. I guess I could go to a GP but he will probably refer me to an eye specialist... this might take a while.

    Many thanks,


    if you go and get your eyes tested you can ask for the prescription. Sometimes the shop can be a little awkward but i think they have t give it if you ask.

    no optician is allowed to force you to buy glasses,and you are entitled to a copy of the prescription

    Where do I get a copy of my prescription?
    Ask your optician. You should have been given a copy after your eye test. If not you can ask your optician to provide a copy as you are entitled to it.

    from tesco website

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    Thanks for your quick comments. Just did a little bit more "research" and it seems boots are offering eye tests with a voucher for £5, so probably I will just go for that.


    Perhaps you could get a free eye test off your work company???
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