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Found 16th May 2011
I had my eyes tested at specsavers 2 years ago and ended up with glasses, i now want to move onto contact lenses and a friend recommended a cheap online site to get a monthly supply. But I’ve lost the prescription they gave me, if i pop back into specsavers will they still have my details on the system or will i need to re-do the eye test?

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They most likely will have that prescription (Rx) but won't give it/re-issue it to you. A Rx is usually valid for 2 years at the most (sometimes less if you have pathology or certain medical conditions); and in any case most practitioners won't fit contact lenses using a Rx less than 1 year old. Hence, regardless of anything else, you will need to be retested which is a good idea as your Rx may have changed and moreover you will get piece of mind with the health of the back of your eyes checked.

they can get the prescription by testing the glasses ...
but if you go back to the store they hold them anyway - they';; be sending you reminder letters shortly to have them re-tested anywho

A contact lens prescription isn't always the same as a glasses prescription. Maybe you should go for a free contact lens trial to find out what you need, then order them online. If you need an eyetest first they will tell you before the free trial.


after 2 years, I would defo get a new eye test done
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