EZ bar/bench press collars

hello all, i have recently been given sum weights equipment.... an ez bar, bench press etc, however it didnt come with any collars so i am looking for some, and i am not having much luck! does anyone know of any high st retailers that sell them, or any online sites? thanks guys!!


Same actually, got an EZ bar, and found that the black collars it came with had to be screwed on really tightly as inevitably the weight spins when you lift so on occasion they unscrewed themselves. Anyway did them too tightly and ruined the shape of them so now they won't screw on at all!

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i received mine for free so i cant complain too much! the ez bar is hollow i think its an argos one, cant find the collars anywhere for sale individually though

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bah, where is the gerbil when u need him? Or matrix the personal trainer?
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