Found 19th May 2015
I have just bought an EZCAST dongle and wondered can you use it to cast showbox from a galaxy s5 to a tv?
The instructions are translated from Chinese and have somewhat gone a little crazy and I can't understand them ☺.
also any cool tips on what I could do with the EZCast other than look at pictures from my phone on my tv.

Thanks you clever lot ☺

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try the app "Allcast" that should do the trick.
start the film on showbox then select allcast and choose your ezcast
I use growbox and bubblepnp, that's the only way I could stream showbox.
It looks like you need growbox to enable casting to a remote device after the latest updates to showbox. It was easy to do, google is your friend here.
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Thanks guys
ah right forgot about them changing showbox I haven't updated mine so still works the old way
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