F1 2016 G920 steering wheel sync issue

    Bit specific this one but I got a Logitech G920 for my PC from the missus.

    Don't think it's faulty but when playing F1 2016 the steering wheel rotation isn't the same as in game (ie, I'm steering the wheel more than the car steers in-game). So going round a tight hairpin I'm having to do 2 rotations.

    I've got the Logitech software at 360 degrees wheel rotation. Tried many different in-game wheel settings but it's not addressing the issue.Been checking all morning to see what can be done but not finding anything.

    Running with Win 10, updated the G920's firmware etc.

    I'd be greatly appreciative if anyone can share any light on this. Thanks.


    There should be a setting for wheel rotation in the game itself?

    Actually I don't know if it's different on PC? But surely if the software is set to 360 it should be alright?

    I'm pretty sure I set mine in the Logitech software to 270 degrees and then force it to not allow the game to change the settings.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guy. I finally figured it out. When changing the default to 360 degrees, it was only applying to some other games and not F1. so that's that sorted. Thanks for the help.

    However, I may have to return it because sadly the clamps don't fit the table where I have my PC and there's not any space to make/buy a wheel stand. Without it clamped down, the wheel is very difficult to use even on a neoprene mat. A bit gutted - I would have to completely change the layout of my apartment just to get my wheel set up
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