F1 GP Singapore 28th Sep Help!

Right well basically this year i have been very hyped up for the Grand Prix this season it's been very exciting and im very much looking forward to the Singapore GP,

In August im moving to Australia so that's nearer to Singapore with an average flight of 6 hours directly. I am very interested into going this year to the GP held in Singapore and im trying to put to gether a plan for the flight, tickets and other things i need to know when i travel for the GP, But i would like some help on a great price for the Plane Ticket. Return i suppose it may count as a same day ticket or woild carry over as a 2 day ticket since the GP will end at around 10:30 and i will have to get back to the Airport and get onto a flight which i will probabely end up leaving at 1-2am. So i would like some great info on really cheap tickets from Cairns Australia to Singapore Aiport and i would love some great info on where i can get tickets for the GP cheapest as possible. My seating preferances is for the new Marina Bay Corner thats being built atm. Anyone can help me would be rewarded in loads of rep!



Just had a look on here for you bud


and it looks like the marina bay grandstand is sold out

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Just had a look on here for you … Just had a look on here for you budhttps://websales.gtn.com.sg/GPS/index.cfmand it looks like the marina bay grandstand is sold out

ah yeah i was looking around diff F1 websites have diff tickets and they still say their available?

I went to Malaysia / singapore and penang about a week or two after the malaysian grand prix... just a word of warning every shop, taxi driver, restaurant etc will hike their prices up! So expect an expensive trip! - sorry it's off topic, I just thought you might be interested! I was informed of all this by a taxi driver! (Had him for the day and only charged £15!! Bargain!)

Just had a wee browse on Quantas website..cannot seem to find direct flights to Singapore..only came up from either Brisbane or Sydney with an average flight time of 11 to 16 hours to Singapore from Cairns.

Will get a bigger image to view


I know singapore airlines do... go on the A380!
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