F1 on Xbox 360?

    Is it on the 360?
    Really want a game like it, but not sure if you can get it or not?



    Is ya google not working Rugrat:whistling:

    Yeh my cousin really likes f1 games too and was gona buy a 360 but theres nothing on the xbox 360. Only one i can remember is on the original xbox and ps3 one a f1 game.

    lol, its coming to 360 as a new game maker acquired the licence.

    Also rugrat, use google, have you lost your milk bottle? lol

    Bumping posts :whistling:

    The only current gen F1 game is F1: World Championship on the PS3, Codemasters now have the license though and will most likely release an F1 game on both the 360 and the PS3 but I don't think there's a concrete release date yet.


    Original Poster

    Good to hear, and Michael..dont call me rugrat :whistling:


    Good to hear, and Michael..dont call me rugrat :whistling:

    My name is not I can still call you Rugrat:-D

    SCE (sony) used to have the licence - which is why there are none yet.


    Codemasters have the license to make the F1 game.

    It should be out in 09 sometime.

    As an avid F1 fan ....I cannot wait for it to come out !



    As an avid F1 fan ....I cannot wait for it to come out !

    likewise, I downloaded F1 Championship 2008 (edition) from the bay though to tide me over. Has all the latest drivers, and art work on the cars :thumbsup: Also bought a force feedback wheel and pedals, is wicked! :-D
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