Found 21st Oct 2010
how do you use flashbacks, anyone know?


press the back button on the controller to enter the replay, then rewind to the point you want to 'flashback' to and press X.

or press start click instant replay and then rewind to the point you want to 'flashback' to and press X.

you will only have a certain amount of flashbacks per race though


I finally managed to qualify 1st in the rain, can't compete in the dry though useless! Using a steering wheel and pedals on PC.

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ah yeah got it now cheers numpts.. i only noticed about the flashbacks AFTER i finished my first race in career, dam thumbs are hurting.. quality game though. just how it should be! gunna be a while before i complete this. took me ages until i knew the track almost perfectly.


A lot of the tracks are very similar to other F1 games like rFactor just some turns are more steep or more shallow. Have a lot more grip in this game though compared to other's I've played even with all assists turned off. Though I guess they had to pander to the arcade players
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