F4 blue screen error on my laptop

    Help please - My laptop crashes with monotonous regularity - blue screens all the time - when it recovers it says its an f4 error - not that i know what it means. Cant ever run system mechanic pro 6 without it crashing - thought it was better yesterday but its done it again about 8 times this morning. Ive finally switched it off ready to kick it through the window later but was hoping some of you wonderful people out there might be able to help
    Many thanks and all that


    I found the following on a forum - hope it helps:

    0xF4 - Termination of system-critical process or thread If a … 0xF4 - Termination of system-critical process or thread If a system-critical program or object stops running, you get this blue screen of death. This is almost certainly a pure software problem. For what it's worth, the first parameter can tell you if the object that was killed was a process (0x03) or a thread (0x06). This is another "die immediately if this happens" error. Check your system file integrity (sfc /scannow), or back up the things that are really important to you and start fresh.

    I would be tempted to try and boot into safe mode, then do a system restore to see if that cures the problem, as it sounds as though you've got a problem with some software that's been added. If you haven't added any software to cause this problem, then do what the text above suggests (i.e. scandisk etc).

    Let us know how you get on...

    Try this website for info on all operating system problems…htm

    Is the fan running correctly? If the fan is obstructed or full of dust it may be cooling the laptop inadequately which can cause BSODs - worth checking out, although from the post above a software problem appears likely...

    Original Poster

    do i just do a scannow command???
    I hate it when things like this happen and i cant fix it!!!

    Its now telling me ive got little hard drive space left but dies before i can delete anything - i think the kick through the window is favourite although seeing as my new year is gonna be total **** i might as well spend it watch blue screens!
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