Fab Fibre at £21.50 (inc. Line Rental & PAYG calls) for Existing Customers out of contract (Retention Deal) @ NOW Broadband

Posted 19th Aug 2019
Having reached the end of my contract recently, I called NOW TV / Broadband to see if there was any better deal they could offer me after the price shot up, before deciding whether to switch to another provider.

Calling in got me the above deal, with the higher price payment already taken being pro-rated so that the next payment puts it to only a little above the new monthly price for this month as a result of those few days.

While not as good as the £20 deal from last year, and obviously means that you wouldn't get the benefit of any possible cashback deals switching to another provider may get you, it still saves a lot of switching hassle (particularly setting up new router settings of another provider), so I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else had just reached the end of their contract and would prefer to stay if possible.

The number to call is 03300 412 462.
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    So it's a Retention...
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    IamMT19/08/2019 13:05

    So it's a Retention...

    Correct. Thanks for reminding me of the term, it slipped my mind.

    EDIT: I have now been informed that it has been moved to be a discussion only due to the potentially restricted nature of the deal. Hopefully it will still help someone out at least. (edited)
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    Pour19/08/2019 13:07

    Correct. Thanks for reminding me of the term, it slipped my mind.

    My pleasure.