Fable 3 ARgH! (will contain spoilers)

    Just finished this, had tons of money and was being a general all round nice leader, upset no one. Rest in next post as don't wanna spoil


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    Anyway days until attack jumps from 121 to 1 and I couldn't transfer all my personal wealth to the Kingdom, so I lost half of my citizens. Anyway I'm gonna do it again and save them all this time. Anyone want to befriend my hero and I'll send you 3 million credits (if this can be done) and in return all you have to do is send my a million of them back (to a new hero). If this can be done??

    That is exactly what happened to me too, except literally everyone died !! The people do very slowly return . Anyway if the befriending thing works ill give it a go as need the cash !!

    haha same, you going to do the whole game again? i lost all mine too... we can do the xbl achivements if you want? i.e have a baby together, send stuff to eachother e.t.c

    Paddy - the days til the attack aren't real days but are based on the storyline missions being completed - once you finished the last ruling, the days went to 1 and this happened.

    I bought every single building as I progressed then when I got too the part that they mention transferring personal fortunes to the treasury I just stuck an elastic band on my controller pointed him at a wall and let the rents come in.

    Once the buildings got to a low enough state that repairing them would be expensive I sold everything but the businesses as they don't need repairing. You need something like 8.5 million but I would have 10 to make sure. Also once you are king the demon door at the smashed up mansion has a million in it.

    Yeah, the demon door at Sunset House nets you the million.

    I did the rubber band trick too, purely because I forgot to buy property until late into the game

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    I've just cheated got just short of 10million now without the 1st ally
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