Fabric Uphostery Glue Recommendations

Found 26th Jan
I bought a new corner settee from dfs which is in two parts, however it looks better split into two with a coffee table in between on the right angle. Where the two parts meet the fabric is missing and just has a plain black fabric (which obviously wouldn’t meant to be seeen). I’ve managed to source the matching material but now need to decide the best way of covering the black fabric. I thought cover a strong piece of card or premium cardboard and then stick that over the black area but am at a loss what adhesive to use. I don’t think a glue gun would be good as this needs to be in place for many years rather than a quick fix.
Any recommendations appreciated.
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You want any contact glue like bostick. Glue both sides then wait for them to be touch dry before pushing them together.
I'm an upholsterer.
Does the sides of the corner unit have wood right up the sides to where the black fabric and cover meet?
If so you can buy a staple gun for under a tenner and staple the new fabric to the frame.
Or contact DFS saying the fabric is ripped !!! when the service manager comes out pay him a £10 and he will do it for you :).
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