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    Right, I spent 4 days walking up/down mountains across North Wales, camping in the middle of nowhere and generally getting beaten up by the hideous weather. Here comes the gross bit...

    Due to sweat, rain, being unable to shower and just general dampness my watch stinks. Like really stinks. I've tried hand washing it a couple of times, leaving it to soak etc. and it's now nice and clean and does smell better but it still has a bit of a linger to it and it's annoying the hell outta me. Any ideas or tips? Any help would be appreciated.


    Have you tried Febreeze?

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    I thought febreeze would just mask the smell... I guess that would do but would prefer to clean it properly if that makes any sense

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    Or have I just got OCD...? :P

    You might be better at looking at getting a new strap for it if you can. If not try oust

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    Yeah think I'll try oust or fabreeze or something. Kind of ironic that I bought this watch specifically because I'm forever breaking watch straps, be them titanium, steel or fabric! >.

    I had that problem with a Baby G watch years ago, ended up lobbing it in the bin. lol
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