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    I'm going as the "clown" from Saw on Halloween and am looking for white and red face paint. I've looked in the usual places, ie supermarkets, but I need paint that will really stay on and go on thick (I'll look a bit silly with wishy washy white on my face!), so basically, proper face painting stuff rather than something for kids! Thanks! Oh, and no smart alec responses like "gets some Dulux Gloss from B&Q" :-p x


    a fancy dress shop


    a fancy dress shop

    +1 they sell the proper stuff:thumbsup:

    Please be careful with red face paint. My daughter got a really expensive set years ago and wanted to practice on me. I said she could paint my face as a lady bird, a week later i was still trying to look asthough i wasn't very embarrased. A bit like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:oops:

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    Thanks for the fancy dress shop suggestion... Completely slipped my mind... Not sure how!!!!!! And I will be careful with it... It'll be going over the white so hopefully be ok! Haha! x
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