Face Paints in high street

    My daughter has been told she can paint her face for Children in Need day on Friday. However, we have no face paints and no time to order any online.

    Does anyone know where I can buy some in the high street. I have no clue where to start looking.


    partners the stationers have face paints in some stores. hope that helps:)

    hya not sure if you have a hobby craft (big blue and yellow store) near you, if so they have big big section of paints glitters for the face and body, if not then possibly woolies or wilkinsons is worth a try, hope this helps.:roll:

    The works done some weird deals on face paints, loads of sets for 59p.. the smaller sets.
    However the bigger sets were the same price but 2 for £1..
    they did have other sets in stock too. (This is going back september time, but they had them in stock for months before)
    If you go for that you're probably best off asking the staff where they are in the shop. Possibly wont be in EVERY store I just know the one i worked in had plenty, really annoying!!
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