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Found 27th Mar
hi just wanting some advice...sold an in car entertainment system second hand on facebook. Originally wanted more, but the guy who enquired about it haggled it down to a square £100. Thats fine by me, but all he kept going on about is how he needed it asap for sat nav for a trip.

Anyway the guy turns up, tries to haggle more on collection but I stayed firm as i'd already lowered the price for a system that cost the best past of £350.

I get a late night message off the guy saying that the bluetooth turns itself off after 20 seconds of playing a song and wants a refund, but can only come on wednesday as he is travelling to ireland so won't be in the country till then.

I smell a rat. I'm tempted to refuse to give the refund as I feel like he just wanted the system for a quick sat nav use (funny how it works for the trip round ireland) but wants a refund after his trip (when he no longer needs it)

can i refuse the refund? i know for a fact that the system works and i feel like he is just trying to pull a fast one. what do you guys think?
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How did he pay?
Typical Facebook buyer
Cash on collection means he cannot do anything now to force a refund.

He had the time to thoroughly examine the item when he was collecting it.

If he didn't test certain functions it's his problem.

If the item became faulty after the collection then nothing he can demand from you as he bought a used item without a warranty.

Ignore him as there is nothing he can do.

If he is making up the fault then by all means rest assured that he cannot scam you by forcing a refund like it happens with PayPal and ebay.
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Wait a second.... this is how I read this. He needs an in car entertainment for his trip. But he will return it after he comes back....
Yes, you can refuse the refund as it was a private sale and presumably the item was sold as described.

This page might be helpful -

or, just insist on checking for the fault when he returns, if it's not there then no refund, if it is then maybe you should?
Sold as seen.
Make him prove to you it don't work. Call his bluff?
Depends on what type of bloke it is as presumably he knows where you live?
Ask him to video it
jb6627th Mar

Ask him to video it

Thats a good point about the video. I'll ask him to do that, i've sold loads over fb and this is the first time i've encountered this problem so not sure where i stand. I know the kit works, it was bought brand new and worked for 9 months till the car it was fitted in was sold on. It wouldn't have been sold if it fitted in a landrover, so really think this guy is just using it for the sat nav round ireland then wont have use for it when he gets back.
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If it's only 9 months old isn't it still under the original warranty?
Well if he doesn't know where you live just block him!
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