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Found 16th Apr 2018
is there a way or something i can do to stop people video calling me, it so anyoying.

more instruive than people ringing me.
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Delete Facebook. Problem solved.
yea i Google that but only see blocking them on chat so can't talk either, unless i missed something, hence why the question
Delete Facebook. Problem solved.
and it's on Android
This will disable the camera if you are on android, so the caller can't see you. I don't use facebook though, so I can't say how it works with it.
The "God" that is Facebook (to many) is now being slowly revealed as one of the many social media sites conning and using a whole generation . Its sad but it should be a stark reminder to everyone to use their own brain and judgement and not just follow the flock as so many do
Tell them not to video call you.

I don't have anyone calling me or video calling me on Facebook without asking first... Actually it's never happened because people I add don't dream of doing that if it's not something we talked about first.
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