facebook down for anyone else ?

    been down for an hour or so now, same on my other pc.

    *facebook is confirmed to be down*



    yep, down for me too


    yep same for me

    Just asked this too

    yep down for me too

    Mine isnt now but it was.

    Mine is. A bit.

    that site says it isnt down, but its down for me, but i can get it on my phone using gprs.

    mine is too... I need it for work ...... grrrrrrrrr

    maybe its virgin media network... what are you guys on?

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    it might be a UK specific problem and that website probably has its server in the US
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    maybe its virgin media network... what are you guys on?

    vm as well

    ohhh maybe we found the problem... any more VM?

    VM also.

    Just come back here after an hour or so of problems.

    But mine is up.

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    not working on my mobile either, so dont think its specific to VM

    I am on BT so not VM problem...

    mine saying facebook exist on virgin

    does not excist lol

    BT, can't access Facebook either.

    working on my mobile (mobile site) using same hub as my pc this is wierd

    can't access though (error says no gateway)
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    ohhh, it says it dont exist to me¬! LOL

    not letting me on im with vm

    Coming and going for me, sometimes its taking too long so internet gives up trying, other times it doesnt seem to exist

    I am virgin media too

    i'm vm and mine is down too !

    mobile site is live -
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    mine been down 2 hours

    back now (for the time being)

    I knew I had seen more people in the street than usual!

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    back now (for the time being)

    down again


    down again

    Yup... facebook = new twitter X)

    Was for me - but back up again now.


    It always amazes me how crap facebook is for something so big.

    Its ALWAYS slow, downtime seems to be getting more and more regular, and fb chat seems to a complete mess.

    I don't use it that much, but it surprises me its so crap.
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