Facebook Fail Possesive girl gets owned

    How not to dump someone
    see below

    Coming soon to a Jeremy Kyle show near you


    Original Poster

    First post went missing on that pic said something about who are you, he's my BF and some severe ranting

    Cant get them 60 seconds back.......ever.....

    Sounds all a bit emo to me

    Why spend so much on education..............reading that looks like money peed up the wall to me.

    did anyone laugh?

    HA HA HA HA HA...........:o


    did anyone laugh?

    nope, nor did I smile.
    My lips didn't even quiver in a slightly upward motion.

    Bored. lol

    i dont get it



    Thank god I don't use facebook much.

    Too many in-secure people out there :roll:


    Cant get them 60 seconds back.......ever.....

    classic :thumbsup:

    I have no idea what the fudge anyone is talking about in the first post - I tryed facebook for a week and swiftly deleted my account!
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