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    I set up a small Facebook group, all I want to do is share a calendar of local events which all members can all access and contribute to.

    It seems Facebook does not offer the calendar app for use in groups, only on pages. I have tried using Google calendar but the only way I can find to make it viewable to other members it to make it public and to share the url, other members can then view it but cannot contribute to it.

    There must be a way of doing this and I am not technically incompetent but I cannot figure out how. Can anyone offer me some advice?


    You can add each person in the facebook groups email list to the shared members and set their level of access to the calendar with google calendars.

    Beyond that something like this service might be easier?

    Simply share the email address it creates and ask the users to email what, where, when to it.

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    Theres over 100 people in the group - too many for adding each email address. Is there no way for people to add their own?

    small Facebook group

    Not really small then is it.…at/

    About 1/3 of the way down the group events thing seems to suggest that people can add events. I take it that is not sufficient for what you need?

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    Yeah, it's basically for sharing lots of different local events rather than a few.
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